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1.Multiple Colors Options

Color custom service is provided to every customer with no extra cost increased.


2.Unique Injection Mold

Injection mold is adopted on PoolPod mini heater. On one hand, it is of great help to the mold design, manufacturing process standardization and product quality improvement. On the other hand, PoolPod mini therefore achieves stylish design and details with extremely accurate dimensions by a precise injection mold.


3.Multiple Protection

PoolPod mini built-in multiple protection configurations:leakage protection, water flow switch, pressure switch and temperature sensor to make sure that PoolPod mini runs more stably and has a longer serving life.


4.Running in low ambient temperature

Lowest running air temperature can be -7°C. PoolPod mini brings warm water flow into the pool even in water.


5.Simple Operation Display

Equipped with LCD 3-button display, PoolPod mini supports quick and easy access for user operation .

6.Heating&Cooling Function

PoolPod mini comes with heating only and heating&cooling function selections. Its maximum running ambient temperature range can be -7~43°C, bringing nice swimming experience all year round.



PoolPod mini has a handle on each side. An adult can easily move around.



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