The Advantages Of INVER-E

Cost-effective inverter INVER-E is the innovative cleaning swimming pool heat pump distinguished from the traditional heat pump to save more energy and reduce the carbon dioxide emission, providing both R32 and R410A for the user to choose.


High COP Up To 10.9

With the inverter INVER-E, you can swim in both hot summer and cold winter as it adopts the mature DC inverter technology to bring the swimming pool heat pump to a new level, making the COP can high up to 10.9.


Intelligent LED Display

The unit uses the LED display to check the instant change quickly and monitor the condition of the swimming pool heat pump. With a clear interface, you could control it very easily and conveniently.

Auto / Boost / Smart / Eco Function

Unlike the other swimming pool heat pump just have a simple function, INVER-E has 4 kinds of mode, in which Auto, Boost, Smart, and Eco function, adjusting the frequency according to the changeable of the water temperature and ambient temperature which will be more energy-saving and maintain the heating capacity of the swimming pool heat pump.


Smart APP Control With Wifi(Optional)

With app control, you can conveniently control the heat pump using your phone anywhere and anytime. Heat the swimming pool in advance before the user arrives home and enjoy a joyful swimming experience.

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