R32 Mid-high End Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump



  • Full DC Inverter Technology
  • High Cop up to 14.5
  • Smart APP Control with WIFI
  • Automatic defrosting with smart control
  • Soft starter
  • 4-inches Colorful Touch Screen
  • CE Certification



INVER-M swimming pool heat pump adopts full inverter technology, which enables the heat pump to always maintain excellent performance and low noise level during operation.

MOQ: 1*20GP container



1.Meeting Modern Expection

Intelligent, power-saving, low-noise, INVER-M heat pumps provide users with comfortable swimming water temperature in a cost-effective and eco-friendly way Black metal body gives a sense of composed massiness Golden finned heat exchanger Focusing on simple apperance to evoke a sense of simplicity and comfort.

2.Advanced Technology,Meet Your Comfortable Life

The self-developed inverter technology enables the machine to adjust the compressor frequency according to the change rate of the inlet water temperature in real time, so as to achieve the best energy saving.

3.4-inches Colorful Touch Screen


  • Modern and simple interface for easy operation.
  • Customized your own UI is available Fast parameters checking.
  • With diagnostic code,the error can be checked instantly
  • 0.1℃ precise temperature control.

4.Focus on details

Ruking Driver Board
Using the flip method helps to prevent water  and dust, and it is very simple and convenient   to remove only one screw for after-service.

Choosing MITSUBISHI compressor, the heat pump of INVER-M ensures stable working in the perfect performance.

Intelligent APP
Being equipped with Wifi,heat pumps are always in your control,no matter where you are.

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