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Swimming Pool Heating:Four-Season Running


Spring Season

INVER-P R290 full-inverter pool heat pump adopts advanced and self-developed full inverter technology. lt is also worthnoting that R290 pool heat pump (12kw) can achieve manual frequency adjustment based on personal needs and the unit has noheating capacity recession from 27° to 15′. Meanwhile. the user can turn on” Boost” mode. maintaining a strong and stableheating capacity all year round.

Summer Season

INVER-P R290 ful-inverter pool heat pump adopts self-developed driver boards, the unit is highlighted with a central controsvstem as an RS485 port and Modbus protocol is designed for communications in every unit. Furthermore. all machines have pyReady function. Ultra R290 pool heat pump can connect with Photovoltaic (PV) system and directly use the electricity generateoduring operation. lt can achieve 100% free running when solar energy is the strongest in summer.

Autumn Season

With the help of anti-noise technology of fan motor and compressor, the unit can run smoothly and super quietly even if it worksat full capacity. The sound pressure is kept to as low as 34- 43.5 dB(A) at 1-meter distance. providing an entirelv quiet andrelaxing swimming environment.Moreover, R290 pool heat pump can maintain the highest COP of 11 during 50%-load operation.reflecting an obvious advantage in energy conservation and high efficiency.

Winter Season

Merging the advanced full inverter technology with green R290 refrigerant, R290 pool heat pumps can ensure optimaperformance from -25° to 43’c, which can run safely and reliably all year round. More significantly, the unit can operateefficiently at -25°C, maintaining high
COP, reliable stabilityand strong heating capacity for an indoor pool. ln addition, the maximum outlet temperature is 45’C for

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