MN Series


R32 Mini Above-ground Swimming Pool Heat Pump



  • RCD plug included
  • Simple operation display
  • Water flow switch protection
  • High pressure switch protection
  • Smart app control with bluetooth



MN series swimming pool heat pump adopts unique design of air inlet and outlet, which enables the heat pump to always maintain excellent performance and low noise level during operation. It has become the best choice for above-ground pools and spas.

MOQ: 1*20GP container



1.RCD Plug  Included

MN series utilized RCD plug which is more safe for users. When leaking, the connection of power supply will be automatically cut off to pretect you from hurt.


2.Simply Operation Display

The unit adopts a simply operation display which is more convinent and easier for operation.


3.Smart APP Control With Bluetooth

MN series available for smart APP control conncted by bluetooth ,which you can easily control the unit with only one smart phone on your hand.


4.Protection system

The protection system ensures the long-term stable operation of the heat pump.

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