1. Two options of gas solution

Using R32&R410A refrigerant, two options of gas solution, more energy saving, environmentally friendly.

2. Higher heat transfer performance

The progressive distribution design of fins makes the wind field more average and the heat transfer performance better.

3. High-end integrated driver board

INVER-V Lite adopts high-end self-developed integrated driver board, which is the core control technology owned by Misouri

4. Intelligent LED display

INVER-V Lite heat pumps utilize an intelligent LED display with high definition interface which users can read and control very easily.

5. One button for fast heating

The heat pump can run at high capacity to heat your swimming pool to target temperature at a very short time


5. Smart app control

When you are outside you can control your heat pumps on your smart phone, you don`t need to go to the machine room any more. All information about heat pumps is just at your fingertips

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