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R290 is coming

The new gas solution R290 will be applied to the premium swimming pool heat pump INVER-P.


Diverse appearance options

Not only is customized appearance like double-color coating provided but also selectable cabinet materials are offered to the customers, such as baked sheet metal and stainless steel.


Misouri advanced control logic

INVER-P is equipped with INVER-HEAT technology, helping to warm up the pool efficiently and providing the users with a perfect swimming experience all year long. 


Triple-protection to lower the noise level

Meanwhile, INVER-HEAT tech along with the unique design enables INVER-P to run in extremely low noise at 36 dB(A) at 1 meter.


Vertical Air Discharge

Adopted unique split-flow design guides air to be discharged from the top and bottom.


4 inches colorful Touch Screen

  • Modern and simple interface for easy operation
  • Customized your own UI is available
  • Fast parameters checking
  • With a diagnostic code, the error can be checked instantly
  • 0.1℃ precise temperature control



Smart APP control

With the smart APP--Handy Heat Pump and WIFI module, the users are able to control the heat pump remotely at any time.


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