Misouri’s 2023: A Year of Growth and Innovation

As we reflect on the past year, Misouri’s journey in 2023 has been marked by significant achievements and relentless efforts to deliver excellence. From expanding our global presence to introducing groundbreaking products, our team has worked tirelessly to provide unparalleled services and solutions to our clients. Let’s take a closer look at our major milestones and the meaning behind each one.

In March 2023, our sales and service teams embarked on a European tour, visiting 9 countries to meet our clients and share the latest product knowledge. This trip not only solidified our relationships but also earned us numerous accolades as our products received high praise. It was a testament to the trust and support we have gained from our clients.

In May, our team expanded its reach to Southeast Asia, visiting three countries and introducing our cutting-edge drying products to the market. The success of this venture propelled the popularity of our drying solutions in the region, further strengthening our foothold in the Asian market. Additionally, Misour’s participation in the renowned ISH trade show garnered numerous leads, showcasing the effectiveness of the exhibition.

June marked the initiation of a development project targeting the commercial swimming pool heating market, focusing on R290 and R32 commercial swimming pool heating solutions. Scheduled for completion in June 2024, this project will enhance the versatility of our product range, filling a void in our commercial pool heat pump series. This expansion will enable Misouri to cater to both residential and commercial sectors, facilitating global market growth. Additionally, in June, we showcased our pool heat pump products and photovoltaic connection solutions at the INTERSOLAR expo in Germany, receiving immense attention and positive feedback from clients, further boosting our presence in the European market.

Our journey continued in September as we explored the Thailand market, introducing our latest drying products. The potential for growth in Thailand was evident, as our clients expressed great interest and appreciation for our offerings.

In October, we revisited European markets to gather further feedback and delve deeper into our clients’ needs. This insight will play a crucial role in shaping our product matrix for 2024, empowering our clients with enhanced solutions.

November saw us participating in the largest European pool industry event, Piscine&wellness, where we showcased our comprehensive range of products, from mini above-ground pool heat pump to larger capacity under-ground pool heat pumps. Our innovative displays garnered recognition and support from both new and existing clients.

As the year drew to a close in December, we experienced a surge in shipments, marking a remarkable conclusion to 2023.

As we look forward to 2024, we are excited to embark on new ventures and solidify our position as a market leader. We are committed to developing more innovative products, engaging in proactive market promotions, and providing our clients with superior and high-quality services.
We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients for their unwavering support and trust throughout 2023. It is because of you that we continue to strive for excellence. We promise that in 2024, Misouri will go the extra mile to deliver even more satisfying services and exceptional products. Together, let’s create a future filled with success and innovation.


About Misouri:
Misouri is a leading manufacturer of high-quality HVAC solutions, dedicated to providing innovative and energy-efficient products for businesses worldwide. With a strong presence in Southeast Asia, Misouri continues to set new standards for HVAC technology in the region.