Misouri Announces Participation in Piscina Wellness Barcelona Expo with Groundbreaking Pool Heating Solutions

Guangzhou, November 8th, 2023-Misouri, a leading pool heating solutions provider, is excited to announce its participation in the Piscina Wellness Expo, which will take place from November 27 to November 30, 2023. The company will showcase three innovative machines at Hall 1, D20 (Misouri) booth, aiming to demonstrate its commitment to the European market and its dedication to developing new pool heating products and technologies.

During the exhibition, Misouri will display a PoolPod Mini, a compact and efficient pool heating solution that has attracted considerable attention in the industry. Additionally, Misouri will showcase two Inver-P pool heat pumps, one of which is a transparent prototype. This unique exhibit allows visitors to observe the internal structure of the machine, providing a visual impact and attracting considerable attention on the show floor.

By visiting the following links, guests can learn more about the products being showcased:
PoolPod Mini: https://www.misouri.com.cn/product/poolpod-mini/

Misouri’s Sales Director, Jack Wang, commented, “Participating in the Piscina Wellness Barcelona Expo is a strategic move to expand our presence in the European market. We believe that showcasing our innovative products and technologies will allow us to reach a wider audience and strengthen our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions to our customers.”

Mr. Wang added, “We invite everyone to visit our booth, Hall 1, D20, to engage in face-to-face communication and discuss the latest technological advancements and future development directions in pool heat pumps. We look forward to your visit and the opportunity to explore the market together.”

The Piscina Wellness Expo offers a platform for industry professionals to network, learn, and be inspired. Misouri’s exhibition will not only demonstrate the company’s innovative products but also provide an opportunity for visitors to interact with the sales team and learn firsthand about the company’s commitment to developing new technologies.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to explore Misouri’s groundbreaking products and engage with the team behind them. See you at Hall 1, D20 (Misouri) booth!

About Misouri:
Misouri is a leading manufacturer of high-quality HVAC solutions, dedicated to providing innovative and energy-efficient products for businesses worldwide. With a strong presence in Southeast Asia, Misouri continues to set new standards for HVAC technology in the region.