WUHU, CHINA, Apr. 7th, 2022, recently Misouri`s high-end swimming pool heat pump–INVER-P is ready to show up in the global market. The first batch of INVER-P has been finished and ready to ship to the customer to test the unit.

“Over the past years, there is no breakthrough in the field of heat pumps in terms of appearance or technology. Misouri`s brand new product–INVER-P will break this situation and bring the pool heating to a totally new level, it will be the hot product definitely in 2022”. said Mr. Toby Lin, the overseas vice sales director in charge of the global business.

In order for our customers to put INVER-P into the market as soon as possible, Misouri strong R&D team has finished related tests and adjustments to this machine, and now it`s ready to be put on the market.

Starting with the real product itself, INVER-P has a distinctive design and unique appearance compared with the traditional swimming pool heat pump, like color, curved-edge, and radian, and the quality brought about by advanced product craft is very high which we can see from the finished product. Besides, with Misouri INVER HEAT technology, INVER-P can reach a COP as high as 16.5,in addition, it can achieve much power saving and is more environmental-friendly, and the running noise can be lower as 36db(A) as 1m! INVER-P`s powerful performance combined with its wonderful appearance makes the INVER-P easily provide excellent swimming experiences for all our clients.

So far the first batch of INVER-P has been completed and Misouri has received mass sample orders for testing showing that how popular it is! And in the future, it will be the most competitive product for our customers.

About Misouri

Misouri is a professional ODM heat pump supplier in CHINA founded by an expert team with more than 18 years of heat pumps experience, Misouri has 17 automatic production lines which can achieve a 20 days delivery time. Misouri still has more series coming soon . Welcome to know more about Misouri.