WUHU, CHINA, Mar. 4th, 2022, recently Misouri`s new factory is ready to run. All the installation of heat pump production line equipment, machine adjustment are completed. And the factory workers are prepare to participate in the production line. Right now the heat pump production is well underway and also the client`s cargo delivery is on the schedule.

“In recent years, due to the expansion of our customer groups and the increasing demand of heat pump order , the production lines face a rare full-load operating pressure particularly in delivery season”. said Mr. Toby Lin, the overseas vice sales director in charge of the global business.

Therefore, in order to meet the expansion of heat pump demand in the future, Misouri`s new factory is done and right now is ready to be put into operation and to service.

Misouri new factory is located in WUHU ANHUI, CHINA with the industrial park covering 110000m², equipped with the most advanced production devices in this industry such as the AGV, automatic copper pipe cutter&bender,automatic eletronic wire processor and so on, which makes it a smart heat pump manufacturer compared with traditional heat pump factory. The benefits brought from the most advanced production devices is not just the efficiently produce but higher craft. So far the production has been available for R32&R410A&R134A gas. With the mature production system, Misouri can produce the heat pumps efficiently and safely to face the demand pressure.

With the support of new factory, believed Misouri can be easier to cope with the output demand of the heat pump market and provide all of our clients with strong heat pump supply capacity and premium product quality and also win the market in the near future! Misouri will keep providing the best service and products to all of our customers.

About Misouri

Misouri is a professional ODM heat pump supplier in CHINA founded by an expert team with more than 18 years of heat pumps experience, Misouri has 17 automatic production lines which can achieve a 20 days delivery time. Misouri still has more series coming soon . Welcome to know more about Misouri.