Updated 4 Inches Touch Controller for Misouri’s Full Inverter Heat Pumps

Intuitive Display and simple operation

A updated touch screen controller for 2021 season has been released lately and is compatible with Misouri’s high-performance series of full inverter heat pumps—INVER-M and INVER-V.

This controller offers a color touch screen which brings users with intuitive display and simple operation. As known for people, misoperation has always been a problem peculiar to touch screens. Therefore, locking function was particularly designed for this controller to prevent its happening. With a semi-transparent protective door, it can effectively keep the screen from bad weathers, dust and scratches.

Customizable UI

The interface of this controller can be customized which will distinguish your one from the others’ better and also help users to operate easier.

4 Operation Modes

Users can adjust the timer or clock and choose a mode (Auto/Boost/Smart/Eco) which fits their needs most. With high definition and adjustable brightness, the color screen presents clearly visible parameters and information even in strong sunlight. Alerts and errors are also easy to be seen on the screen.