Misouri INVER-E Pool Heat Pump Provides You with a Perfect Swimming Pool Experience all Year Long

WUHU, CHINA, May 20th, 2020. Misouri is a professional ODM heat pump supplier in CHINA founded by an expert team with more 18 years heat pumps experience. Recently Misouri has released the INVER-E swimming pool heat pump designed with DC inverter compressors, fan motor and control system, all working in perfect harmony to provide optimized pool heating with lowest operating cost.

INVER-E is our new product special designed with rust-free ABS cabinet, which takes the year and weather in stride, while delivering a perfect swimming pool experience ” , said Mr. Toby Lin, the oversea vice sales director in charge of global business. The unit adopts smart LED display, making it easier to control the heat pump. Firstly, the display has easy&clear operation with 6 buttons. Secondly, you can lock the screen function to avoid misoperation by pressing the on/off key for 5 seconds. Thirdly, the operational timer is available which the unit can be turned on/off according to your requests.

What else makes INVER-E so excellent? INVER-E utilizes environmentally friendly R32 gas which can decease of the speed of global warming and save the F-gas quota by 68% compared with R410A gas. Adopting spiral titanium tube, the heat exchanger of INVER is of excellent corrosion resistance and high heat exchanging efficiency. Meanwhile, the unit is equipped with soft starter, the current will start from 0(A) and go up slowly to the rated current which will not affect the house electricity system. More importantly, INVER-E is able to enter into Auto / Boost / Smart / Eco mode only by one click, which the heat pump can work intelligently according to condition.

About Misouri new inverter pool heat pump- INVER-E

High cop up to 10.9
With Misouri leading full inverter technology, the cop of INVER-E is up to 10.9 .

Smart LED display
Misouri smart LED display make it easier for you to control your heat pump with clear&easy operation, silent mode and operational timer.

WIFI connection
You can either choose the WIFI for the unit so that you can easily control the heat pump with only one smart phone on your hand no matter where you are.

Auto / Boost / Smart / Eco function
INVER-E inverters has Auto / Boost / Smart / Eco function so that the heat pumps can work very intelligently according to work condition.