Heating / Cooling /Domestic Hot Water

  • Easy PV Connection
  • Work with Gas Heater
  • Different Temp. Output
  • Staggering Power Consumption
  • IOT Smart Control
  • OTA Remote Updating

Innovative Cabinet Design

Frosted Sheet Metal: Provide a high level texture.

No Exposed Screws: No screws could be found around the surface, which highly strengthens the whole unity ofthe cabinet.

Curved Surface: Curved surface design for the four edges, which is different from the uniform design and reduces the risk of scratches.


Noise Control Technology

low noise level down to 38dB(A) at 1 meter

Misouri Smart Control

  • Option 1: 4G DTU

Automatically connected to the Internet by the SIM card

inside when the heat pump is powered on (recommended).

  • Option 2: WIFI Function

Finish the configuration by phone and connect the heatpump to the Internet.

  • Misouri App

Download Misouri smart App 「Handy Heat Pump」 in Google & Apple Store .

  • Web Platform

Managing all of your heat pumps by your Misouri Platform Account, which is super easy and useful.

  • OTA Remote Updating

Avoid complicated maintenance! Misouri can update the software remotely once the heat pump is connected to Internet.

Misouri PV-Ready

Misouri will provide different solutions to connect Misouri heat pump products to the house PV, Smart Grid and other conditions. Except to realize the staggering power consumption, it can also make the most of the PV electricity to aviod any potential wasting. 

Hybrid Heat Pump

Misouri heat pumps can be connected to the gas heating system to realize the alter native operation between heat pump and gas heater. The control logic can be customized according to the local requirements.


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