• Introduction:

CHR type can bring big quantity of cooling air to factory, designed for tropical area. Each set equals to a 5HP air conditioner, cooling capacity 10-11kW.
Application arae: Phnix heat pump printing dryer can be applied in rotogravure printing machine, compound machine, coating machine, laminating machine, suitable for most printing machine brand.  This dryer can replace traditional electric heater, coal, steam, oil, gas and other traditional heating source.



  • Features:

Designed for tropical area, units can produce free cooling air for factory

Air supply temperature:40-80℃               Speed:150-350m/min

Air volume:3800-5800m3/h                      Cooling capacity: 10kw-13kw

Appliable machine:rotogravure printing,laminating, coating machine

Electricity saving: 50%-85%


  • Machine Advantages:

1.Big quantity cooling air   2.80 degree got air supply   3.Intelligent control


  • Installation And Services:

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Comparison Of Heating Sources:

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