• Introduction:
    This split type dryer is designed for hot room drying, one set can heat up a max 45cbm hot room. Split type design makes installation more convenient and flexible


  • Feature:

for hot room drying, split type design makes installtion more easier

Split type  

Air supply temperature:40-70℃

Application area<45cbm

Air volume:2500-5500m3/h

Model:6P(fan power 1.5kW)

Electricty saving: 50%-70%


  • System Advantage:

1. 50% electricity saving,high efficiency: compared with electric heater, Phnix heat pump curing room dryer can save 50% or more electricity

2.Split type, flexible installation: indoor+outdoor combined design makes installation more convenient

3.Max air supply temperature reach 70℃, stable hot air supply

4.Fan inside design: low noise makes factory cozy working environment

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